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How To Get Backlinks From Any High PR Blog

Commenting on high PR blogs can get you some real backlink juice if done correctly.
Some spam comments like the following:

“thanks a lot for your valuable sharing ,right from the beginning till end it was really very informative”
“I cannot agree on everything you say in this article, but perhaps I missed some of the points you were trying to make…”
By the way this last comment if searched in google with quotes will return 1180 results. These kind of comments they may pass the moderation but google is starting to crack on them because they are just all over the place and you may not get any credit for it.

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Technology & Communication

Hey, friends, i have another blog name Technology & Communication. On Technology & Communication i will describe about New technology, wireless communication, important & new software, Adsense, Online earning and many more. So, check only one time. May be it can help you. Link is here.


Jobs Find You

Hey, great news!! I find a jobs site like microworking. Name of this site is Jobcart. Link is here. Mainly this site is create for basic worker. If you have very short knowledge you also can do this job. Jobs like like post on your facebook account. If you post like in your facebook account you will get paid $0.10 that means almost 7 taka. If you give a facebook account with 100 friend you will get paid $0.75 that means almost 52 taka. Like other finance site you do not need to bid. You can easyly earn $100 (almost 6800 taka) every month. If you are in a fundamental level, i think its enough. Another think is that (only for Bangladeshi) they have a representative in Bangladesh. You can contact with him for any kinds of problem in this site.
Mehadi Hasan- - 01671562278

A cool site for tips and ticks for earning money by micro working, adsense, adbrite etc. Link is here.


Important Software For Video Download

If you try to download videos, you must know how much problems you face for download. There is no website as i know, give the opportunity to direct download. You have to use different downloader for different sites. It is not helpful, it create many problems. Largest video site youtube use youtube downloader but sometimes it didn't work.

Now i am given you a software information which will help you. It's downloadhelper, click this link. See and follow the instructions. I hope it really helpful for you.

Argentina In 2nd Round

The Team Argentina goes in 2nd round in Football World Cup 2010. Today "The Argentina" played a superb match against South Korea. The score is -Argentina 4-1 South Korea. The number one player of the world "the messi" played awesome ones again. Gonzalo Higuain made his first world cup hat-trick & its also first in this 2010 world cup. Today Carlos Tevez play really good and its better than the Nigeria. All other player played like a team that team wants the world cup by their heart. So, Go Argentina Go.


Fire Tragedy

I saw a fire tragedy in our 6 stored building on last Sunday, 13 June 2010. We all member in our building was in big treble when we know about the fife. I was in bathroom for have a baths. I am going to see what is happening. I tried to go the place where the fife start but i can't go there because of the key of that room were not found. I am trying to broke the lock but the heavy smoke made my work difficult. Then i am hit on to the glass of the windows for the smoke out of the room. The the people of our mohalla (area) came to help. Meantime a unknown man call the fire service. Within few minutes the smoke fully covered up to 2 floor. But lucky we can manege without major damage. Two people injured. Unfortunately one of them is me. Although i injured but i am happy for no major damage. Thanks God.


FIFA World Cup 2010

Today my favorite teem Argentina start their World Cup 2010 mission by winning a match with Nigeria. But it should be 4-0. The Argentina's players control whole time accept few counter attacks. Messi is today's hero for Argentina because he played superb today. Messi made few opportunities to score but Nigerian goal keeper safe by wonderful attempt. Congrats Argentina and best wishes for their next match.